Werewolf Boy

I finally watched Werewolf Boy or as I like to call it the Korean version of Edward Scissorhands. It is starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young.  In case you are living in a cave or are a complete novice to K-dramas, that is SJK from Descendants of the Sun and PBY from Strong…

A New Frontier for YA Novels

Hello my dear online friends, I just finished a great book that I want to tell you about. I reposted for it originally when they were writing it still, but this is about the fabulous book called “K-Love ……” by our fellow bloggers Devon and Cornwall.   Here is the description of the book from…

Update on my life

Update on my life: So I think I might have broken some kind of record. My last day at my previous job was May 10th. I left Texas within a week and arrived home on May 20th. Now on June 20th I am already on my second day at my new job. To be fair,…

Love Languages 

Annyeong Yorobun!  Hope everyone has survived another Manic Monday. I have been busy moving of late, but I came up with this awesome idea and I just HAD to share!  Have you ever noticed that when you start loving k dramas, everyday things start to leak in? For example, my sister in college had to…


Validation Why is it that validation is so important to me? I think that a lot of people feel this way, but I really wonder why. In case, I am the only one that feels this way, I will speak in the first person only. I like to say I don’t care what people think….

A K-Drama Addict’s Nirvana

I have reached the Nirvana of a K-drama addict. That awesome point you get to when you are not overwhelmed with your love of all things Korean, but rather can enjoy them as they come.

Life Swap

This is a continuation of my series: Can You Imagine? Basically, when we watch Korean dramas, a part of us is imagining that we are that main lead. That our life is that dramatic. So what if it was possible? What if you could take a character right out of a drama and insert them into your life? Or what if YOU really could enter the drama? Would you still pick the same person for real life versus the dramaverse.

Amino Apps

Caution: this app is addictive but it is a great source for kdrama blogs.

Kimchi Characters

Kimchi Characters So I made this post on mydramalist: Top Ten Kimchi Couples and I really like the concept. The long and short of it is this, Korean dramas, much like Korean food, has great side dishes/characters. My favorite are the Kimchi Characters. As @devonandcornwall mentioned in her post, kimchi is a bit of an…