I would like to speak on a topic that is very sensitive. Depression and suicide. I am speaking for myself, not for everyone, and I am not a psychiatrist or a professional. But I do have some knowledge about this and I want to share it. I have mentioned on this blog before that I…

Meteor Gardens

Hey everyone! I am going to talk about something that I never thought I would talk about…a Chinese drama. You read that right, CHINESE, not Korean. What drama has finally managed to drag me away from Korean dramas? Well that, my friends, would be Meteor Gardens. You have probably heard of it, but in case…

Carnival Cruise Review

Hi Readers, It feels like it has been forever since I have blogged about anything…alas, the dramas I have been watching of late have not been blog-worthy.  They aren’t awful by any means, they just haven’t been worth the effort to fangirl over. At any rate I went on a cruise recently and I want…

New Podcast to check out

I have been meaning to write a post about the different podcasts I listen to…but I am too lazy. So instead, I will give you all this link to this new podcast I have been listening to called Noona Ya Business. It is these two girls that LOVE BTS, kpop, and kdramas. In that order….

Fanfiction of Lee Jong Suk

It is hot and boring at work today.  Both of the dramas I am watching having taking that awful turn toward Break-upville.  So I have decided to treat myself and my readers with a little outline/summary of a story that I might actually right someday. So, the story is about an American girl who gets…

New Therapist

This is all kind of out of the blue to be putting this information on my blog… but I need to vent somewhere.  I have been seeing the same therapist for about 6 or 7 years now.  And I decided that we were no longer making progress, so I decided to get a new therapist….

First Impressions

First Impressions of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? So when I first heard about this drama, it kind of sounded like the movie Two Weeks’ Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant.  A secretary decides to quit her job unexpectedly and the boss realizes how much he relies on her and tries to keep her….

Ask Unni- Part II

Dear Noona, I have this friend who recently went through a break-up but he can’t stop thinking about the girl he broke up with.  You see, he started questioning his fjaslkdjflksa because this girl was masquerading as a man the whole time he knew her.  And when he found out she was a girl, he…

Ask Unni

Just a little something new. See if you can tell which drama I am referencing.

Currently Watching

Annyeong Yorobun, As you know I have been in a drama slump lately, but it looks like the slump may be over at last. Let’s talk about what I am currently watching. First of all, I just finished You Who Forgot Poetry (aka A Poem A Day). I liked some parts of it, but there…