Love Languages 

Annyeong Yorobun!  Hope everyone has survived another Manic Monday. I have been busy moving of late, but I came up with this awesome idea and I just HAD to share!  Have you ever noticed that when you start loving k dramas, everyday things start to leak in? For example, my sister in college had to…


Validation Why is it that validation is so important to me? I think that a lot of people feel this way, but I really wonder why. In case, I am the only one that feels this way, I will speak in the first person only. I like to say I don’t care what people think….

A K-Drama Addict’s Nirvana

I have reached the Nirvana of a K-drama addict. That awesome point you get to when you are not overwhelmed with your love of all things Korean, but rather can enjoy them as they come.