Because It’s My First Life Review

The show is over and I am so sad that this wonderful show is now over. But it ended beautifully. This show was strange in that, even up to the end, it was so different from any show – Korean or otherwise- that I have ever seen.

First of all, the costume designer needs like an award or something.  Because every outfit was so on point of the character. Take Ji Ho…her clothes were so weird sometimes. Sometimes she dressed normally, sometimes she didn’t. And that was just like her character. Sometimes she seemed like a perfectly normal person and then all of a sudden you would remember that she totally isn’t. I love that everyone called her crazy and that they became the crazy couple. Also, when See Hee wore ajhumma pants, I thought I would die of laughter. And each character’s outfits were a direct reflection of their personality. And for the record, I almost never notice things like that. I barely pay attention to what I am wearing, let alone what other people are dressed like.

This show moved me in ways I didn’t expect. I am a fan of tropes, but I really liked how this show just wouldn’t go down the expected path. I give it a Ten out of Ten! It is my drama of the year 2017 and my new current favorite drama. It is too soon to know if it is rewatchable, but I enjoyed every minute of watching it the first time. The only thing I found lacking (according to my drama rating system) was the (lack of) Eye Candy. I mean the actors and actresses are good looking outside of the show. But let’s face it, Se Hee just wasn’t my usual type. I like them youngish, baby faced, or sexy. He was none of those things. He was more like my real life type: hard to read, dorky, expressionless.

Which I do NOT consider eye candy. But it made up for it in other ways, like humor and poignant scenes and words of wisdom.

There are so many things I want to discuss about this drama. Outside of the main couple and the overall awesomeness. So instead of writing a ridiculously long post that even I wouldn’t be inclined to reading later, I am going to write this short review here and then post all my tangents in a separate post. But in case anyone wants to join me down the rabbit hole, I will put links in this official review. I am not sure what all I will be posting about this drama. I have two started so far and more that I plan on doing, so I am going to put an expected list and just add the links as I go:

  • The Final Episode
  • The Kimchi (side) Characters
  • Spoiler Review
  • Words of Wisdom

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