Update on my life

Update on my life:

So I think I might have broken some kind of record. My last day at my previous job was May 10th. I left Texas within a week and arrived home on May 20th. Now on June 20th I am already on my second day at my new job. To be fair, I have returned to my old job that I had before I had moved to Texas. But I still had to do the interview and the background check and everything. Anyways, day one was excruciatingly boring with online orientations…but today is super stressful because I am already on the line helping customers. Aigoo…I can’t be pleased. I just need to find a way that I can be paid to stay home and watch dramas.

Anyways, so I haven’t been able to blog for a while because I was so stressed about whether I would be able to find a job. (Shouldn’t have worried so much apparently) I was barely even watching dramas at that point. But now that my life has a solid schedule again, I can go back to working on what I truly love: Kdramas, writing, and writing about kdramas.

I started on 06/20/17, my second day of work. Update from the third day of work….I am cursed. My third day back at the job and we have auditors. And I am back on the line without much training. So if they ask me any hard questions, I am probably screwed. UGH. Whatever. Moving on…

My baby, chillin in the SoCal Sun

Mr. Bingley was not doing well when we first moved. He became glued to my side. But he is doing better now. He only cries for a little bit when I leave and really only if he thinks someone will hear him.

I have several blogs that I am planning on writing, but I want to make them as high quality here as I do on the KDA app. (Which btw is SUPER addicting, but very helpful in learning new blogging techniques.)

Some posts I am working on (not necessarily in this order):

-Review of Tunnel

-Having a Korean Drama Ladies Night

-How I Pick a Bias

-Currently watching

-Sibling Relationships in Dramas

-Different types of Kisses

-Exploring Koreatown, LA

-Kill Me, Heal Me Interviews

But for now, I just wanted to post this update so that when I look back someday, I will know why there was this looooong period of time between posts. Also, side note… I have made several new drama friends since moving back to the west coast. It is so weird and cool to have friends nearby who love dramaworld as well!

Oh yeah…and the road trip…was rough. I honestly think Mr. Bingley had the easiest time on that trip. My tire blew out, my dad was angry about that, my sister was sick the whole first day. The first day didn’t end until 1am the next day. But when we got home by the second day and I rewarded by cousin and driving companion with Korean BBQ from Koreatown in LA. So alls well that ends well. 🙂



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