Love Languages 

Annyeong Yorobun! 
Hope everyone has survived another Manic Monday. I have been busy moving of late, but I came up with this awesome idea and I just HAD to share! 
Have you ever noticed that when you start loving k dramas, everyday things start to leak in? For example, my sister in college had to read this book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  
As she was explaining each of the five languages, I kept pairing them with drama characters. So I thought I would share my thoughts on the five love languages and the characters they correspond to. 
1️⃣ Words of affirmation- this is the person who needs to hear you say the words that you care about them. 

Example: Ahn Min Hyuk (aka MinMin) from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

2️⃣ Quality Time- This person wants to spend time with the person they care about. Whether it is having a nice meal or even just a walk in the park, they want to spend that time with you. They might have a busy schedule, but if they care about you, they will make time for you. 

Example: Lee Jae Shin from Something about 1%

3️⃣Giving Gifts- The person who thinks giving gifts is the best way to express love. They don’t necessarily want to receive gifts, but giving makes them genuinely happy. They might not even have the money to be buying gifts 🎁 but that won’t usually stop them. 

Example: Shopping King Louis 

4️⃣Physical Touch- This is the person who is always hugging or holding hands with their loved ones. Even just a brush of the hand will reassure them of your love. 

Example: Healer

5️⃣Acts of Service- This is the person who probably doesn’t express themselves verbally very often. They prefer to demonstrate their love through their actions, be it making you a meal or helping you move. I find that a lot of kdrama mom’s fall into this category. 

Example: Oh Hae Young’s Mother from Another Ms. Oh

The thing that is helpful about knowing the five love languages is that it can help you to better understand your loved ones. For instance, in Shopping King Louis, when Go Bok Shil thought he was just a shopaholic, she was very frustrated by his behavior. But once it was revealed that everything he had purchased was actually for her, she realized that he was trying to express his affection. 
In conclusion, if you know the love languages, you can better understand your loved ones. And if you are on the lookout for that special someone, you know what to look for in them. I know personally, I would be VERY happy with someone like the Healer. Especially if he looked like this:


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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    I think I’m a little bit of everything…well except for number 4. haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yourchingu97 says:

    Awww i think the reason why a lot of korean mothers (or parents) (I’m thinking about the parents in reply 1988) fall into Acts of Service is because of the conservative nature of the older generation. They don’t really know how to express their love for their children so they do so in other means and sometimes the children misunderstand it as nagging. Thats why there is always the ‘oomph’ feeling when the children realize just how much their parents love them. Okay, now it may be that I am talking from personal experience (lol Asian fam here) HAHA
    Anyway, your posts are a good-read! Thanks for writing :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I love the parents in reply 1988. You are right the mom’s are like that.


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