Life Swap

This is a continuation of my series: Can You Imagine? Basically, when we watch Korean dramas, a part of us is imagining that we are that main lead. That our life is that dramatic. So what if it was possible? What if you could take a character right out of a drama and insert them into your life? Or what if YOU really could enter the drama? Would you still pick the same person for real life versus the dramaverse.


Dramaverse: Life Swap

This one is very difficult because on the one hand, we watch dramas because we want our lives to be as exciting as theirs. We want the rich boyfriend who flies you to a tropical island on his private plane (Boys Over Flowers). null

But that would also mean that we would have to live in a world where you have to sell coffee and snacks on the side of the road.


I wish my life was more exciting, but I don’t want to have quite as rough as a life as some of my favorite heroines have it.


At first I thought I would take over Hye Jin’s life from She Was Pretty.


I could totally handle her life so much better than her. But then there wouldn’t be much of a story. I feel like the reason for the drama in her life is her lack of self confidence and her pushover-ness. If you take that away, she would just be another person in the office.

So instead, I have chosen Cho Rim from Girl Who Sees Smells.


She had a happy childhood, that was marred by the brutal murder of her parents. But…she doesn’t remember that, so it isn’t affecting her present day life. She has a cool, kind of dense, totally hilarious boyfriend.


Several great friends. A hot and evil boss, who is probably a sociopath.


And most importantly, she has a super power.


Technically speaking, I have HEARD that this is a real thing, but I am too lazy to do the research. Well, if that is true, I still think it is a superpower and I want it.

***Although, since writing this, I have fallen for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

null But I am leaving her out of this at the time because, 1) the drama isn’t done, and 2) she would rule over all of the posts from best friend to life swap. (Plus, I want to steal her boyfriend!)

null(p.p.s: nullhere is my full review and here is a more detailed review by abbyinhallyuland and here is a very honest review that I should have mirrored if I wasn’t still wearing rose colored glasses.)***

Real World:

The person who I would take out of their world to live in mine? I think that would be Seol from Cheese in the Trap. nullShe is smart, diligent, and a hard worker. I feel like she would do a better job living my life than I do sometimes. I wouldn’t really want to take her place in return, see images:




But maybe we can do some kind of switcherwoo…I will go into Girl Who Sees Smells, Cho Rim will enter Cheese in the Trap, and Seol will take over my life. Everyone’s happy. Okay, maybe not everyone…but I am!

And for bonus: the girl I wouldn’t want to switch lives with for all the money, coffee, and cute boys in the world. Eun Chan, her life is a mess. She has like a million jobsnull nulland still lives in a tiny little shared space. She is mistaken for a boy all the time. And instead of clearing that up, she just makes a mess of things. I love that drama SO much. But I can live without that kind of drama in my life…. Not worth it to me…


Coming up next in Can You Imagine? It’s not a person, but a thing. What trope are you dreaming of experiencing?


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