Drama Best Friend

This is a continuation of my series: Can You Imagine? Basically, when we watch Korean dramas, a part of us is imagining that we are that main lead. That our life is that dramatic. So what if it was possible? What if you could take a character right out of a drama and insert them into your life? Or what if YOU really could enter the drama? Would you still pick the same person for real life versus the dramaverse.

Drama Best Friend

Ideally, I would be able to pick and choose my best friends from a bunch of different dramas. I would take Jeremy from You’re Beautiful,


Seol, Bo Ra, and Eun Taek from Cheese in the Trap,


Kim Shin Hyeok (Shi Won) from She Was Pretty,


and Jalgeum Quartet from Sungkwankwon Scandal.


But there is one drama where I would make the whole gang my friends.

Reply 1988- the best neighborhood that ever was.


I would love to be friends with anyone in this drama, from the parents to the kids. If I could enter the dramaverse, I would try to infiltrate Dok Song’s group of friends.

null But I would more likely end up hanging out with the Ahjummas.

nullNot because of my age group, but because I am just more comfortable hanging out with adults than people my own age.

If I could take out some of the characters from Reply 1988 to be my friends in the real world, I would again pick Dok Song.

null I like how silly she is, and how she is a terrible dancer, but dances anyways. And I wouldn’t be able to resist trying to take Dong Ryong as well.


He is funny and smart but still growing as a person. Everyone else in the drama seemed very set in their ways. I feel like Dong Ryong could adapt to any situation.

Now…if we were talking actors…that is a different story for another time. But here’s a hint:


Or maybe….


Next in the series: Can You Imagine? Which drama character would you switch lives with?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. jennymangoes says:

    Definitely Eun Taek! Who else would steal an attendance list just to sneak you into class? 😂 And the Reply 1997 squad is great, too!

    Also, BOGUM WHAT A CUTIE!! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol he was so awesome when he was being chased by the sub. Lol. And yes 97 and 94 are both great gangs. But 88 is the reply series that stole my heart.


  2. kwenzqoatl says:

    Kim Shin Hyeok stole that drama. Haha Thought he was cooler than the main lead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I almost had second lead syndrome. But more like I wanted him as a friend. The girl didn’t really deserve someone that awesome.


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