Beauty and the Beast

Author’s note: This post took FOREVER to put together. I started it the day after Beauty and the Beast came out…and I am finally done. So yeah, here is my opinion on this classic remade. Also, here is a link for @devonandcornwall’s gif review.

I went to see Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast this past weekend, and I LOVED it. It was everything I wanted and more. But there were some things that I feel are worth mentioning.

First of all, does anyone else think it is kind of strange to make a live action movie that requires so much animation? I mean, humans get turned into inanimate household objects which are then magically animate. So, what is next? A live action movie of The Brave Little Toaster?


Another thing, Mrs. Potts looked like Cassandra from Doctor Who. I kept waiting for her to say: “Moisturize me.”null

Lastly, what a spectacular cast! I thought everyone did a fantastic job. But I was a little surprised about who was who. Just because, like when Lee Min Ho is in a new Korean drama, you kind of expect him to be like Gyun Po. So, I wanted to give everyone the cast list as I see it, because it is kind of hilarious.

Actor/Actress Who I thought of Character Played
Emma Watson Hermione Granger

Image result for hermione granger

 Image result for belle pictures
Dan Stevens Matthew Crawley

Image result for matthew crawley

 Image result for the beast
Josh Gad Olaf

Image result for olaf impaled

 Image result for lefou
Kevin Kline Luc Teyssier

Image result for french kiss luc teyssier

 Image result for belle's papa
Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan Kenobi

Image result for obi wan kenobi

 Image result for lumiere
Ian McKellen Magneto

Image result for old magneto

 Image result for cogsworth
Emma Thompson Nanny McPhee

Image result for nanny mcphee

 Image result for mrs potts

They made some changes from the original that I really liked. Giving some of our characters a deeper back story. Especially Lefou, they didn’t give him a backstory necessarily, but they gave him character development, which is even better. But one thing that they left unsolved is why the enchantress picked on our poor Beast that way. (Also, his name. What the heck? Why is it so hard to give him a real name?) My opinion on the enchantress is that maybe she was a relative of his mother’s or an enemy of his father’s? Or maybe she just had a thing against royalty? IDK. But it wasn’t just because of his bad attitude, because look at Gaston. Maybe it was because she saw a glimmer of hope in the Beast? But that just seems way too unfair.

My favorite thing they changed: the reason Belle left the Beast and the castle. She made it clear that she couldn’t be happy without her freedom. And her Papa wasn’t just sick and lost in the woods. He was being locked up. This makes more sense to me. In the original, her Papa is lost in the wolf ridden woods and she decides to save him without the help of the Beast? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

Also, was anyone else completely shocked that Matthew Crawley…er…Dan Stevens had such a good voice?  I am just, in awe.

And…that’s it on my thoughts for this fabulous remake. Have a great weekend, y’all!


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  1. omgggggg the moisturize me comment!!! lololol. I’m dead. It’s so true.

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