Can You Imagine? Dramaverse Vs. Real World

This is a little series I want to write called Can You Imagine? Basically, when we watch Korean dramas, a part of us is imagining that we are that main lead. That our life is that dramatic. So what if it was possible? What if you could take a character right out of a drama and insert them into your life? Or what if YOU really could enter the drama? Would you still pick the same person for real life versus the dramaverse.

The first article in this series is Drama Boyfriend.

I picked the show Heirs for this first article so that we can see the full range of options.


Kim Tan vs. Choi Young Do vs. Yoon Chan Yeong. I don’t believe that people like Kim Tan can or should exist in the real world. He is a bit to headstrong and idealistic. Which is a bad combo. Plus, as much as I love back hugs… this one does NOT look enjoyable.


In the dramaverse, I love Young Do. I want to hug him and tell him that he is loved. But in the real world? I would want to slap him and file a restraining order.


On the other hand, if I could enter The Heirs dramaverse, I would totally pick him as my Drama Boyfriend. I feel like all he really needs is someone he can lean and depend upon. And yes, he is a jerk, but at least he is open about it and not a fake friend like all the other rich snobs appeared to be. And plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this:


And finally, Yoon Chan Yeong, in the dramaverse, I find him almost boring. He is sweet, smart, and loyal. He doesn’t pick fights, but he protects the people he cares about. He doesn’t mind having a crazy girlfriend and a antisocial best friend. Look at him taking a (fake) bullet for his girl:


So real world Drama Boyfriend? My vote goes for Yoon Chan Yeong.

In my next article I am going to pick out my Drama Best friends, with a few mentions of my Drama Gang.


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  1. i think i would go with chanyeong in real world and still go to Kim Tan in dramaverse ^^

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    1. Lol that works out if we end up in the same drama… 😉

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