Under the Texan Sun

So, I don’t like to take photos. Not of myself, not of other people, not of places. I do like to take pics of my dog sometimes, but I am lazy about that too. But today, I went out of the box and took a selfie. (Or as we Kdrama addicts say, a selca)

Anyways, the reason I am sharing this is once again for my own future reference. As I was walking my dog on my lunch break in the scalding heat while wearing a fashionably questionable hat, I thought, I want to remember this moment.

Our time in Texas is (finally) coming to an end. And it is bitter sweet. On the one hand, I was over Texas weather and my job about six months ago. On the other hand, I have renewed some friendships while I was here. I learned how to live on my own. I bought my own dog. I dove into the Kdrama world. And soon, I will be moving back home. And I don’t know how that will go.

The thing is, we are moving back in with my parents. And my family can be a bit…dramatic. And the only kind of drama I am okay with must be Korean. And I worry about getting along with everybody. But my biggest and also most superficial worry, is that all the drama in my household is going to make me not enjoy K-dramas. Kdramas are my stress relief right now!!! I don’t want to give it up! Ugh.

Wow. I just totally sidetracked. Back to the point. Here is my selca and my puppy as we walk out in the heat:



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  1. Love your hat!! I rather like Texas, but I would miss the green of Pennsylvania if I lived there for a long time. Best of luck with your transition with your family! If it makes you feel any better, my husband and I graduated college with three children in tow, and had to move in with my parents while he finished an internship in Germany and looked for a job. It’s never easy to do! But a lot of us Millenials have to do it at some point. 🙂

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