Ambassador of Change

I seem to be writing a lot lately about things that are not K-drama related. This is not due to my lack of love for all things Korean. I am just in the middle of like 7 dramas and I am a little torn about which one I like best. Anyways. I have a whole bunch of kdrama things to write about…I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Today though, I must make one more non K-drama related post. My sister told me the other day that I am an “Ambassador for Change”. I really liked this turn of phrase and so I thought I would write about it.

Facts about me:

  • I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety when I was 19 years old.
  • I have been on medication for it ever since then.
  • I have been seeing a therapist for several years now.
  • I am not ashamed of my mental illness, nor afraid to talk about it.

Apparently it is that last item that makes me an Ambassador of Change. There is a lot of stigmas about mental illness. I don’t usually think of depression as being a mental illness. But it is one, and a lot of times people feel ashamed of themselves for experiencing depression. I used to be that way myself. I have had “the blues” ever since I was in junior high. My mother wanted me to talk to a doctor about it, but I refused because I didn’t want to be labeled. I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life.

But you know what? If you have the symptoms of diabetes and refuse to get diagnosed, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it. And if you don’t take medication it will get worse. That is not to say that all depressed people should be on meds. It is only to say that taking medication doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger.


I waited until I was barely able to handle all the stress in my life before I finally allowed myself to be talked into talking to a doctor about my mental health issues. And the healing still took time. So, yeah. That is my story. If you have a mental illness, that is no reason to be ashamed. But you should seek help from someone. A family member, a trusted friend, a medical professional. Also, praying helps. Sometimes prayer is all you need. But sometimes we need a little more. That is okay too.

Another thing, I don’t have a rough life. My life is ridiculously easy. I was blessed with a fantastic family, a strong belief system, and endless resources on how to deal with life’s issues from the Bible’s point of view. I have a job, a place to stay, food to eat. My issues are just everyday issues. In fact, one of the things that depresses me the most is that I am so depressed and I don’t even have a valid reason to feel that way. But as my sister is always having to reassure me, this doesn’t mean I am not appreciative. I have inherited a mental illness and we live in a time that the Bible acknowledges would be “critical times, hard to deal with”.

My point is, if you are dealing with depression right now, don’t assume that just because you don’t have an official “reason” to be depressed that those feelings aren’t real. If this is just a recent phase in your life, I highly recommend prayer and reading articles on because that helps me a lot when life becomes hard for me to handle. But if you have been dealing with this for years, or these feelings are starting to feel overwhelming, don’t be afraid to seek help.


No 1 2017 volume of the Awake- Teen Depression

Can the Bible Help Me if I am Depressed?

Video Talk: An Important Reminder– this one is my favorite, I watch it whenever I am wondering why I have to suffer so much.

Here are some of the articles and pins I came across while researching for this article:


nullnullnullall photos are from pinterest. Credit goes to original sources. null


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