Texas Thunderstorm 

So for the past year, I have been living with my sister in Texas which is a story all on it’s own. But our time here is short. Come May, we should be able to move back to California. Which I am looking forward to SO much. 
Anyways, I am mentioning this because it is storming today in my neck of the woods and my poor dog, Mr. Bingley is scared out of his wits. (Which is unfortunate, since he didn’t have much wit to begin with.) 
This was my morning: woke up at 5:30 while my sister was getting ready for clinicals. (She is in nursing school) It is strange, I have like four alarms that are extremely loud, and I can sleep right through them. But if my dog whimpers or my sister gets out of bed, I am wide awake. Anyways, she left at 6, so I got up and walked my dog, thinking: “If I finish walking the dog early, that means I can watch kdramas!” And I did get to do that. Because my dog was curled up on my side all cute, I didn’t notice how anxious he was until I got up to take a shower.  

That is when my dog, who hates the bathroom because it has tile floors, followed me in and practically tried to get in the shower with me. And then the lights went out while I was showering, which is always fun even without a scared dog crying in fear. So I gave him a half of a benedryl and installed a baby monitor app on the iPad and my iPhone. 

Even so, I was seriously considering calling in sick to work. But I managed to force myself out the door, down the stairs….and came to a halt at my neighbors door. Now, they have watched my dog before and they love him, but we usually give them a heads up. So I feel really bad about springing this on them. But my baby was so scared!!!  

So now I feel anxious about my dog. Guilty about disturbing my neighbor. And exhausted from waking up so early. On the bright side, I got to watch 20 mins of Descendants of the Sun. And in two more months I get to move back to sunny California where instead of storms we have earthquakes and droughts. 
(Pictures to be added later.)


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  1. hope the bad day turned out well… always choose calling in sick for work over kdramas… kdramas won’t understand, work can… hahaha tell mr. bingley i said hi… i’m his fan already. ^_^

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    1. Lol he is such a little turd! I went home at lunch and he didn’t even want to come home cuz he was having too much fun at the neighbors! lol so I panicked for no reason.

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      1. you are lucky mr. bingley is sociable, my dog kenshin is not… btw have u seen defendant?

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      2. Not yet. It’s on my watch list cuz of ji sung. But it isn’t my usual type of drama. Side note: where did the name kenshin come from? I have never heard one like it before.


      3. oh kenshin is from kenshin himura… he is a famous Japanese manga character (with live action/movie adaptation) i’m posed to write defendant but i have to finish 16 eps since i stopped on ep 4… oh and what chat app do u have so sometimes we can share drama recommendations?

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      4. I don’t really use chat apps. I’m kinda a 👵 when it comes to social networking. Lol. But I’m on mydramalist.com it we could exchange emails?


      5. i see i’m not on my dramalist anymore i think i wrote some reviews there before but i decided to just keep the blog, twitter and facebook page and link them all so whatever i blog will be updated to social media platforms… my email addy is abbyinhallyuland@gmail.com shoot me an email ^_^

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      6. Will do! (When I go to lunch)


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