Man Candy Monday AKA the Oppa 사랑해!

Okay, so I have been watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo with my friend in California. The problem is that there is a two hour time difference and she has a very busy schedule. At first, I didn’t mind because I wasn’t THAT into the drama. But I am now past episode six and I keep seeing more and more of this:


And it is borderline embarrassing how much I squeal every time there is a swimming scene. LOL. So yeah, just felt like sharing that with y’all. Mondays can suck, and maybe you are having to watch your new favorite show at a ridiculously slow pace…but at least there is always pinterest!

I was negligent and forgot to mention that the credit for this awesome title comes from @devonandcornwall in her post of Man Candy Monday, which made my day last week.  She didn’t have time for one yesterday, so I felt the need to fill that gap.  But now she has outdone herself with Tasty Dude Tuesday.  If you like this kind of post, be sure to check her’s out.



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  1. nam joo hyuk is our favorite college boyfriend poster boy… that’s the only drama i marathoned last year… ps dont wait for your friend haha it’s fun to binge watch it ^_^

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  2. I GOBBLED this drama earlier this year! I was 100% smitted by Nam Joo Hyuk in this drama. You should just finish the drama! You will love it!

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    1. Lol you are the second person to tell me to just watch it without my friend! Lol


      1. Embrace the betrayal

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      2. LOL! I might have to once we get halfway. For now I am using my extra time to catch up on my on hold dramas and start ones I have been holding off on.


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