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This drama was a bit confusing at times, but all in all I liked it. It had some tropes that were done really well. For, one thing, the crazy mom bit was done excellently. It was both infuriating and hilarious. There was a reverse piggyback ride, which was awesome. And don’t even get me started on the cohabitation…lol.

This is the first drama I have been able to watch all the way through with Eric Mun. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to bits. I think he is gorgeous. But I don’t usually like melodramas, and this one almost went that route too. But the story kept up the humor too, so I stayed through ‘til the end, and I am so glad I did! The story was wacky and cute. The OST was perfect. I am even listening to it again as I write this.

Most importantly, the reason I watched this drama. The kisses….were…ahmahzing. Like. WHOA. Now I am going to have to rethink all of my favorite K drama kisses. Totally worth the wait on this one guys. The skinship too, was pretty great. I liked this drama a lot and will be reviewing more about it soon on my blog, I am sure.

My plan is that I will wait until I have watched at least 20 more dramas before I will allow myself to redo my top 5 favorite kisses. But I figured I should at least post this review so I don’t forget about it.

Category My Score My Reasons Links/ photos accidental kiss
Catchiness 7 anmesia
Humor 8 Back Hug 10
Eye Candy 8 Eric Mun is fiiiiiine…but everyone else was just not as hot. What can I say, dramas like Kill Me, Heal Me and Reply 1988 have spoiled me. lol Eric Mun cheabol/candy/cinderella
OST 10 I love this OST! It is catchy and a little annoying, but I still want to keep listening to it. So it gets a ten in my book cohabitation 10
Dragging 7 I started to quit this drama like 4 times. contract relationship
Length 7 crazy mom 10
Tropes 9 Some of the tropes they did amazingly well, but then they did the noble idiocy and a car accident and it was not amazing drunk/drinking 10
*****Spoilers Below!!!!***** gender bending
Kiss/Skinship 10 Watch this show for the kisses if nothing else. Cuz, wow. first kiss hit by a car 7
Believable Love Line 10 love triangle
Ending 10 I was happy with this ending. I read that some people weren’t but I think it fit with everything else in the show. Noble Idiocy 5
Sub total 86 piggy back ride 10
bonus points for quotability rain scene 10
negative points for amnesia terminal illness
Total 86 wrist grab

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  1. NNN says:

    I was halfway through with this drama but then, as much as I appreciate the humour I just felt it was dragging on with her not being able to decide whom to love and this that. Then again, I’m curious to see how it ends after reading your review. I’ve got to agree, the crazy mom parts are hilarious, especially when she kicks her out of the house, which mom.does that? XD

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    1. The mom’s cracked me up especially in the last episode. Did you watch til the kiss at least? Cuz the kiss was worth it if nothing else. I agree that it dragged a bit but I’m a sucker for Eric Mun. I almost put up with Que Sera Sera for him. Lol


      1. NNN says:

        Oh yeah I sure did. The one where he pushes her against the wall, right? Crazyyy. Ohh I haven’t watched que sera sera. I just finished watching k2 and I’m swooning over Ji Chang Wook

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Have you watched healer? He was amazing in that. Que Sera Sera is ridiculous and not in a fun way. I would only watch it if I suddenly decided I needed to quit kdramas. Lol. Even Eric Mun couldn’t save that drama. But that’s just me. Javabeans seemed to like it which is why I watched it.


      3. NNN says:

        Nope, yet to watch Healer. I’m currently watching Strong Woman do bong soon and innocent defendant! Wbu? Hahah I shall ensure I do not watch it then

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Omo! You HAVE to watch healer! It is awesome! And he is so adorable and hot! How is defendant? I love ji sung but I don’t like scary melodramas so I prolly won’t watch it. I’m watching cunning single lady and weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo.


      5. NNN says:

        Yesss I shall! Veryyy good looking. Oh defendant is like a rollercoaster ride. It’s just so mysterious and thrilling to watch, it has it’s humourous moments too. Like when TT was playing in the cell, all the inmates got up and danced to it in sync. It was so funny! Not very scary, just solving a murder is what it’s about. It’s getting over this upcoming week though. Ohh I love Kim bok joo! Especially Nam Joo Hyuk. And it’s nice and funny too. Haven’t heard of cunning single lady though, what is that about? Is it a romcom.too?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. You know me, I’m all about the romcoms. Lol. Yea it’s a rom com. It’s a bit older but I like the actors so I decided to give it a try. I’m watching Kim bok joo with a friend who has a busy schedule so I needed something for in between episodes.


      7. I am loving nam joo hyuk tho. I liked him in cheese in the trap. Have you seen that?


      8. NNN says:

        No I didn’t actually. Is it good?? Heard it’s super cliché though. I did see him in scarlet heart!

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  2. I didn’t think it was cliche. I actually really liked it. But the ending was a bit…frustrating. Still worth watching tho. I liked all of the actors in it.


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