Reply 1988- The Spoiler Rant

This post is only for the people who don’t mind spoilers or have seen this drama all the way through. If you do not fall into one of these categories, then I insist you leave! Go read my spoiler-free review here.

To the rest of you, welcome to my rant and please feel free to comment on your opinion!

So, as I have mentioned before, I read the recaps for this drama before actually watching it, so I should have been prepared. And yet, this drama was so good at drawing me in that I still managed to be conflicted. Here is the problem I am having…

  1. Jung Hwan seemed like he was going to get the girl. He fell into all the categories for the male lead from being grumpy to being a first love (sort of).


  1. Park Bo Gum is amazing


  1. But…Choi Taek seriously seemed like he was the second lead. 1988 husband.jpg

And before I actually watched the whole drama, I could reconcile Taeki getting the girl because he was also my Bo Gummy. He was cute, nice, and actually made a move…unlike a certain someone. He was everything a girl could want, plus he was rich, which doesn’t hurt. I still feel that I am on Team Teaki, but I just feel so sad/angry/sorry about Jung Hwan.

Now, on the recaps for dramabeans, there are hundreds of comments about this drama, but the can become a bit…hateful. Team Teaki dogs on Team Jung Hwan. Team Jung Hwan dogs on Choi Taek and Deok Sun. Deok Sun gets dogged by everybody.

First of all, I loved Deok Sun. She was a bit dumb and falls in love super easily, but that is what made her so endearing. null And like her teacher said, she makes horrendous grades, but she’s a smart girl. I would have honestly been happy with either guy as long as they made her happy.

Team Jung Hwan

I agree that Choi Taek did not seem like the future husband AT ALL in the beginning. And in the beginning Taeki was almost childlike. Finally, Jung Hwan was super swoony from his hidden smile to his straining arms as he protected Deok Sun. null

Team Taeki

This is my team mostly because of my undying love for Park Bo Gum. But I am not completely biased by his good looks and his deep sexy voice. Other than his overall great personality, he also grows as a character throughout the drama. Despite the obvious trolling, it isn’t completely impossible to believe that he is the future husband. null

Now this is the part that I am hoping doesn’t make me any enemies. In my preemptive defense: I really love Ryu Joon Yeol as an actor.  I think he is adorable. In fact, I actually was interested in Reply 1988 originally because of him.null I saw him in Lucky Romance and thought he was just SO cute. I originally didn’t even want to watch 1988 because I thought Park Bo Gum just had a supporting character role.

And I actually wanted him to get the girl…at first. But then, while Choi Taek grew as a character, Jung Hwan stayed stagnant. He never moved past his first crush. Which is fine, except he also never made a move! He never (actually) confessed even though he was given ample opportunities. null For one thing, Deok Sun clearly liked him back at one point. For another, Taeki clearly backed off. So if nothing else, between 1988-1994 he should have said something. But, noooooooooo.

And then to make it worse, there was the “fake” confession. null

That shattered my heart into pieces. I truly believe that Deok Sun knew he was telling the truth, but that they both knew she had already moved on and that is what just made it hurt even more.

In conclusion: I had the advantage of knowing how it ends, loving Park Bo Gum, and watching the show backwards. So, I don’t really have an unbiased opinion. Therefore, I can’t tell if anyone without those advantages would still like this drama because of the bait and switch. And lastly, was it just me, or did Dong Ryong seem like Deok Sun’s soulmate? Not romantically, of course, but still…they were like two peas in a pod!



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