Drama Scale of Awesomeness

My New Drama Rating System

Reply 1988/ answer me, 1988
Category My Score My Reasons Links/ photos
Catchiness 10 I couldn’t resist watching the whole thing…dang it…and I loved every minute. my obsessive post about all the reply series
Humor 10 There were so many funny scenes in this movie, it took me a while to pick a favorite. But my favorite scene is when Dong Ryong finds out about Sun Woo and Bora. youtube clip
Eye Candy 10 umm…duh. Like have you seen this cast? My Drama List Cast list
OST 9 Soothing nightime like music with a few funny ones to represent our silly characters antics.
Dragging 7 Okay on the one hand, you have very long baduk scenes…on the other hand, all of those scenes have my beloved Park Bo Gum…so I couldn’t give it a very low score. My Undying Love for Park Bo Gum
Length 7 Very long episodes. But it was still enjoyable all the way through.
Tropes 9 I am going to explain this further in a different post, but suffice to say that what tropes that were present in this drama were done well.

*****Spoilers Below!!!!*****

Kiss/Skinship 10 BEST KISS EVER Top 5 K drama Kisses
Believable Love Line 6 It sure seemed like JH was going to get the girl all the way up to episode 16ish…  
Ending 8 Don’t get me wrong…I love Park Bo Gum SOOOOO much….but I worry that some people may find the love line were he suddenly gets the girl to be a bit hard to swallow. 1988 husband 
Sub total 86 But wait…there is more…
bonus points for quotability 2 There is the whole “geun-de” scene before the kiss is amazing…just…amazing. Everytime I hear that word, I get goosebumps. Dong Ryong’s great speech to Dok Song
negative points for amnesia 0 yay! No amnesia!!!
Total 88 So like I said in my last post…all in all, this is a B plus movie. I loved it to bits. But I have a strong bias for Park Bo Gum that gives me an advantage over anyone else who goes into this drama without a bias. For all of my pins about this amazing drama

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  1. Wow this rating system is LEGIT! I love how you included so many categories, because really, there are so many reasons a Kdrama could get a high or a low score. They could score big on a bunch of categories, but if they BOMB in something like, say, chemistry, then it’s going to drag things down. This was AWESOME! (And don’t hate me for this, but I haven’t seen any Reply series yet. >.< I'm the worst, I know.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! I wasn’t even planning on watching them, but then I got reeled in somehow…lol. And now I have to obsess like I do. I am going to do another post where I show how some dramas can rock a category but then ultimately make a bad score for failing so bad in another.


      1. Yes that would be amazing!! Can’t wait to read that!

        Liked by 1 person

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