5 Kdrama Titles Renamed

I hope they do many more posts like this one! It was awesome!

Devon & Cornwall

We all love our Kdramas, but let’s face it: Some of those titles are weird!

Whether it’s because the exact translation has no English equivalent, or because the translators wanted to preserve the purity of the interpretation, the result is often the same. Completely confusing!

That’s why I wanted to try something fun, and have a go at renaming some of these titles so they make more sense to the American viewers.

Now, granted, I know that the translators who officially Americanize these titles are just doing their jobs–they’ve been asked to take Korean words and find the closest equivalent in English. But just for the heck of it, I think I can find some alternatives that you know…actually mean something when we read them.

1.) Boys Over Flowers

Okay, okay. Here’s what happened with this one. This was originally a Japanese manga, and the author of said manga made…

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