Mr. Bingley…the dog

This could be us, but you playing.                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

If you are wondering why his name is Mr. Bingley, I think this picture kind of explains it. He is cute and sweet but totally clueless!

I will be the first to admit this is a filler post, dedicated to my dog, Mr. Bingley.

Sometimes when I have no plans the next day I will stay up til like 2 am watching dramas…this seems like a great plan because I am not tired and I can just sleep in the next day, right?
Because I have this adorable dog that needs to get up at 8am at the latest to go potty.  And now I am up and won’t be able to get back to sleep. Waaaaeeeee?
What I look like after watching Korean dramas all night!:
What did I stay up all night watching? Well, that is the reason we have a filler post.  I stayed up watching Reply 1988 and then I was so upset that I stayed up another 2 hours watching random variety shows to calm down.
Answer Me 1988 Episode 15 & 16 Recap: The Art of Competition:
 I am going to have to write a looooooooong post about 1988 to try and organize my feelings, and it is probably going to take a few days, so this is really just to take the edge off.  Let’s just say that I understand the fan war of Jung Hwan vs. Choi Taek and I don’t know which side I am on! *deep breaths*
Anyways, have a great weekend guys!  May you have all day to watch dramas and read about dramas and fangirl. 🙂
Post script: for the record reply 1988 was fantastic…I am just so sad that it is over. 

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  1. NNN says:

    Reply 1988 was sad and heartbreaking??? I haven’t watched it yet though

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    1. No it was wonderful! I am sad and heartbroken because it is over. Sorry if I made it sound like the story was sad.


      1. NNN says:

        Ohh haha, it’s not your fault. I’m looking forward to watching the entire series this summer! 🙂 What kdrama are you currently hooked on?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well like I mentioned I’m still kinda hung over on reply 1988. So I’m having trouble picking just one drama to watch. Of the seven I am watching I would say descendants of the sun is the closest to reeling me in despite the hangover. Prolly cuz all the eye candy. 🙂


      3. NNN says:

        Hahah, I’ve watched Descendants of the sun and it is amaaaazing. I agree, especially when the soldiers are jogging shirtless.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Riiiiiight? It kills me every time!

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