K-pop 101: essential vocabulary to use with your favorite oppa/unnie

I wish I had this list sooner! Hopefully this helps out with any newbies!!



Hi guys! World music with mp is back again this weekkkkkk!

How’s your weekend? Do you miss me? (Hopefully, the answer is going to be “yes, we do miss you” LOL)

Before going into our weekly topic, I would like to recommend you guys my tracks of the week first 😀

1.DEAN – Come over (Ft. Yerin Baek)

Dean just released his new song few days ago and you know what… THIS SONG IS SO GOODDDDDD! AND MOREOVER! He featuring with one of my favorite Korean’s singer, Baek Yerin!

This song, “Come Over”, is a deceptively upbeat duet about reminiscing over the good times of a past relationship. Also, the music video for this song was directed and created by a famous director, Seong Lib, who has collaborated with SHINee before! 😀

 2. TWICE – Knock Knock

Twice just released the music video for its lead song “Knock Knock” off the long-awaited album “TWICEcoaster:LANE2.” All of their…

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