Noble, My Love

FIRST LOOK: Noble, My Love, starring Sung Hoon and Rainbow's Jaekyung:

I started this drama because I have a friend who liked it and because it is available on Netflix. I finished this drama because each episode was so short I just couldn’t resist. That’s not to say it was a bad drama. It was just kind of silly. It had some hilarious moments but the guy was only hot when they showed his abs. Which thankfully happened a lot. Lol

Sung Hoon, Korean actor in the dramas, Noble My Love and Oh My Venus…:
Makes the bad acting worth it, right?

But put it this way, this drama doesn’t make my top 20 and I have only watched 25 dramas. So yeah, not THAT great. I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie unless they have low standards and a short attention span. But if you are looking for a weekend marathon of cuteness, this will do the trick. 

If you watched it and loved it and are wondering what my problem is, I recommend watching One Percent Of Something. It is a very similar drama with a better plot line (no unexplained kidnappings) and a cuter guy.

Ha Suk Jin - Arena Homme Plus Magazine September Issue ‘14:
If he looks this good with a scowl, imagine how he looks with a huge grin on his face.

It will take you longer to watch and you will have to watch it on dramafever but it is so worth it. If you watch that one and still like Noble, My Love better then I guess we just have different tastes.  And that’s okay too!

I must add, Noble, My Love had a better brotherly rivalry going on…but still…watch One Percent of Something…it is SO much cuter!!

My fellow blogger- Devon & Cornwall-  did a hilarious gif review of this drama, check it out if you want to do a bit more research on this goofy drama that is Noble, My Love.


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