Fan Fiction will be the death of me….

Okay so I made the mistake of checking for K drama fan fictions.  I can only blame myself too…stinkin’ Second Lead Syndrome! Don’t do eeeeeeeet!!! Resist!!!! Because, let me tell you most of the stories are basically recaps.  And it is a black hole that you will never escape.

But if you insist on checking out fanfictions for K dramas, I must recommend this one: The Queen of the Game by Spiked Reyndrop.  Full disclosure, it is 11 chapters and then abruptly ended.  And it has been three years so he/she is probably not going to finish it.  Alas, it is still an amazing story so I must recommend it.  It is an Heirs AU story for Choi Young Do and Eun Sang.  If you don’t want to deal with the horribleness that is a never finished story, this author also wrote several one shots for YoungSang that are also really really good.  And now I am finding myself falling even harder for Kim Woo Bin… Dang her!
Speaking of which…if anyone reading this knows this person…PLEASE tell them to finish this amazing story!!!! It was soooo good.  Better than the actual show.  UGH.
And this is why I am telling you to refrain.  Because fan fiction is like that…you find this one amazing story and then you read like a billion subpar ones.  And you will end up wanting to write your own.  And before you know it, you will behind on all your dramas! Just watch dramas instead.  At least those have eye candy.  Speaking of which…a free Wednesday gift.
Inline image 1
In other news, I am going to start working on my top five kisses post, but it is going to be difficult.  Here is why:
Inline image 4
I had already picked my top five and then I watched this and now I am thinking I need to rethink all of my top five.  LOL.  But I guess I can always update it later.   Any kisses that you think I should check out first?  (“this” being Doctor Romantic episode one.  I haven’t finished the drama yet, so not sure if it is a great drama…but you should watch episode one if you haven’t yet.)

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  1. You’d think I would have read more Kdrama fanfic, but I honestly haven’t! You’re making me curious…

    Looking forward to reading what your top 5 kisses are!

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    1. Resist!!! Let’s just keep fighting for k drama novels. At least those will have real conclusions!


      1. YASS girl. You know it!

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