Click Your Heart

This is a follow up on my second lead syndrome post. I just finished the most adorable mini drama called Click Your Heart. It is a choose your adventure drama. So basically if you have second lead syndrome, you can make sure she ends up with the guy you like. Which is awesome.  Also, if you like K-Pop, you will probably like this because they are all idols.  And if you don’t like K-pop, you will still like it because all the guys are super cute. 

I watched them all because they were each like 15 minutes long. But my favorite was choice B and then B1. In other words….this guy–

Neoz School:

Anyways, it was cute and short and perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to have the girl choose the RIGHT guy! And also perfect for the girls out there who like the annoying guy. Cuz he gets a cool story too. Why not take the time to watch each short episode and then pick your favorite?  Best part is, it is available on Netflix too, so it is an easy short one you can recommend to newbies!  Put it on the list!


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