Second Lead Syndrome

Ah, Second Lead Syndrome, aka SLS.  We have all suffered from it, except for the precious few who prefer the self-centered jerk that is commonly known as the one true love of the main lead. 🙂  What makes a Second Lead so desirable?  Most often it is because he is so much sweeter than the main lead.  He often treats the main lead like a princess instead of a servant.   And he never gets the girl, which just makes him more pitiful to us viewers.  Here is a link to an article that will let you know the signs and symptoms of SLS.

But feelings change for the one who gets her at the end.. An I want the one who's friendzoned, right Eun Gyeol :3?:

There are varying levels that the Second lead will go to try to get the girl though.  They don’t always just give up.  I have three categories for the Second Lead.  The one who tries too hard.  The one who doesn’t try hard enough.  And my favorite, the one who silently longs without ever confessing his love.   Here is a table to demonstrate:

Tries Too Hard Doesn’t Try Hard Enough Silent Protector
Choi Yeong Do-Kim Woo Bin Shin Woo Oppa – Jung Yong Hwa Crazy Horse/Moon Jae Shin/a saeguk version of Sunbae  Yoo Ah In
Things just got real.: see number four Poor second male lead, such a shame to waste that amazing personality on a girl that is just going to go for another guy: see the p.s Yun Ah In as Moon Jae-Sin (nickname Geol-oh) in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”: see number one

  1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal– Crazy Horse/Moon Jae Shin/a saeguk version of Sunbae  Yoo Ah In. He is my all time favorite second lead. I never wanted him to get the girl because I wanted him for myself!2nd lead syndrome strikes again.....I would have picked Moon Jae Shin:
  2. Kill Me, Heal MeShin Se Gi Ji Sung -He is just a category all on his own. He just does not fall into any of my categories. Maybe tries too hard. But the. He also isn’t technically a second lead. Cuz he technically gets the girl. Sort of. It’s complicated but either way I love him to bits.DRAMA KILL ME HEAL ME:
  3. Kill Me, Heal Me- Oppa Oh Ri On- Park Seo Joon -He is a Silent Protector. It was painful to watch him watch his love fall in love with someone else and be forced into the role of twin brother. Shin Se Gi may have won my heart, but Oppa broke it in pieces.park seo joon kill me, heal me #parkseojoon #박서준 #killmehealme:
  4. The Heirs- Choi Yeong Do-Kim Woo Bin Technically speaking the lead in this show was just as messed up, he just met the girl first. Poor Yeong Do didn’t stand a chance. But that didn’t stop him from relentlessly trying.Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye ♡ #Kdrama - “HEIRS" / "THE INHERITORS". hahaha.. DON'T PICK UP:
  5. She Was Pretty- Kim Shin Hyeok- Choi Shi Won– Here I am trying to get over Oh Ri On and next thing I know I have SLS for someone new. He was kind of crazy but still adorable. This scene is why he made the top five though:
  6. Enserio, enserio me enamoré del personaje de Siwon en "She was pretty" :

Recommendations to help alleviate the pain of SLS.  

Here are some things that might help with the pain of SLS. The best thing is when the second lead gets cast in the main lead in a different drama. Like You’re Beautiful to Heartstrings. Or Kill Me, Heal Me to She Was Pretty. Although you risk falling for another second lead. Next there is second best, which is watching anything the actor has been in. Preferably where he gets the girl. And finally, and my personal favorite, there is Pinterest. The place where you can find loads of pictures of the boy you love. There is probably fan fictions somewhere, but I don’t know where to find them and I prefer to imagine my own.

And then there are the ones that are a combination of these attributes.  These ones don’t make it to my top five list.  But I will mention a few that get an honorable mention.  If you want to hear my rants about any of these boys, you will have to request it, because I have mostly been able to move on since then…

Mild cases of SLS in: Baby Faced Beauty, You’re Beautiful, Cheese in the Trap, My Girl, and my first drama ever- Fated to Love You.  I have the same reason for each of these though…the guy was just so much nicer and more mature than the lead.  But by the end of each one of these, the main lead had won me over. Alas, that seems to always be the case. I should also mention Doctor Crush.  The second lead in that was very cute, but really never seemed to have a chance with the girl.  Also, he didn’t fit the usual standards of Second Lead as in nicer and more mature.  Also Reply 1994, I am currently watching this, so I don’t technically know if the guy I have SLS for is actually the second lead.  But if he is, then put him in the number 5 spot.  Bonus pic just in case he makes it: Chilbong, when we walked into the show, the look on her parents faces ehehehe it was so funny.:

Spoilers for the following:

Dream High and Reply 1988 do the bait and switch!  I thought I was in love with the second lead, and then all of a sudden…bam!  The supposedly second lead got the girl.  Like…whaaaaaa????  Anyways, if I had seen it coming I probably would have liked it better and now I can’t trust the Reply series.  But here is a link of some dramas where the Second Leads that got the Girl.

Seo Kang Joon - Damn... if he's second lead, I'd like to see the lead... I'm a second lead kind of girl anyway.. I want the mysterious one that stays in the background.. not the flashy one that gets all the attention..:

All credit for the pictures goes to the original owners.

Post Script:

This part is my rant.  I tried to keep myself from including it…but I just can’t.  See Woo OPPA!!!! What happened?? That girl could have been yours if you had just said something….but then you waited too long!  And then when I was all falling for the Silent Protector thing, you went and confessed after all!  I mean come on!  She was already in love with your best buddy.  It was too LATE man.  You lost your chance.  You should have lost gracefully but you decided to just throw pride to the wind and confess.  It took guts.  In a way, I admire that.  But it ruined my beautiful image I had of you.  Thankfully, you were in Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye, so I guess it worked out.  Although…no wait, I have already ranted about that…. never mind.  Thanks for reading!

One more of my pins for the road…sorry, I just can’t seem to stop!

Ah, those poor second leads....:


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  1. Lol! This whole post is perfect. I did the same thing with Boys Over Flowers to Playful Kiss. It mended my broken heart! And actually we are doing that with our book series. The lovable second lead in our first book actually gets to be the main lead in the second. We just love second leads too much to keep them suffering!

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    1. Dude you are killing me!! I am so excited about your book without you teasing me about the sequel! 😭 how much longer do we have to wait? Do you have a date yet? Thanks for reading my posts btw.


      1. Haha! I am so excited to get it out there! We don’t have a date yet because we are hung up on finding the right editor. It will be this spring, though!

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  2. I love this. Literally reminds me of all my favorite kdrama second leads I almost forgot about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I have had a few more since then. What can I say? I never get tired of that adorable second lead.

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