Updated Top Five K-Dramas

Okay, so it is time to update my top five favorite dramas list.  My sister says that I say that I found my new favorite drama each time I talk to her, but that is only true sometimes.   As it so happens I have had several good dramas in a row.  Which means I am now in a slump.  So to make myself feel better, I am going to post my new top five so that I remember how good the dramas are capable of being.

1. Kill Me, Heal Me
2. Doctor Crush
3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
4. Pinocchio
5. I Remember You – (Sadly the only one with my love, Park Bo Gum)
And now for a short summary of each of the three new ones without spoilers.  Which if you have read any of my other entries, you know how hard that is for me.  But I will try.
1. Kill Me, Heal Me
drama, kill me, and heal me image
This drama was AWWWmazing… As in it made you go Awwwwww.  And oooooh.  And whoa.  Depending on which of the seven personalities was in control.
This is a drama about a man with seven different personalities and the doctor who helps him to find his way in life.  It made me laugh and cry.  And gave the second worst case of second lead syndrome.  For a guy who was also the first lead.  What can I say? Multiple personalities make things confusing.
Male Lead:   Ji Sung  I haven’t seen him in anything else before, but you can be sure I will be keeping an eye out for him now.
Female Lead: Hwang Jung-Eum    I have also seen her in She Was Pretty and Lucky Romance.  Both dramas were funny and cute.
2. Doctor Crush
Doctors: Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye:
This was a drama about a girl who starts out as a troubled teenage gangster type and changes her life because of some positive influences and some negative ones.  It is a little bit of a revenge story, with medical jargon, and adorableness on the side.
Male Lead: Kim Rae-Won He isn’t the hottest Korean guy out there.  But he has a great smile.
Female Lead: Park Shin-Hye  I love her. I like everything I see her in.
3.Sungkyunkwan Scandal
2nd lead syndrome strikes again.....I would have picked Moon Jae Shin:
I debated putting this one on the list because it is so hard to pronounce…But it is just too cute to pass up.  It is about a girl who has to pretend to be a boy in order to provide for her family…. (Kind of like Coffee Prince)  But she has a valid reason, being that a woman in the Josoen era can’t do much of anything other than get married or sell her body.  And this girl is too smart for that.  So smart, that she ends up getting admitted to a prestigious school (which is why some people compare it to Boys Over Flowers).  This gave me the worst case of second lead syndrome ever and introduced me to my second favorite female actress.
Male Lead: Park Yoo-Chun  I have seen him in Girl Who Sees Smells, which was formally my second favorite drama.
Female Lead:Park Min-Young   She is awesome.  She is also in my unofficial 2nd favorite: Healer.  But more on that later.
Numbers four and five were already on my top five list and made the cut.  So if you want to see the reviews, you can here.   Korean Dramas  And if you want to read the reviews with Spoilers on these dramas: Pinocchio- Korean Drama and I Remember You (AKA Hello Monster).   I haven’t done spoiler posts on numbers two and three, but I have made three or four posts about Kill Me, Heal Me…so check that out too!
I would like to mention that unofficially Healer is my number two and bumps off I Remember You.  But technically I skipped the first four episodes.  So because I haven’t watched it all the way, it doesn’t qualify.  But it is a great show and everyone should watch it!  (The first four episodes seemed boring, but I didn’t actually watch them, so IDK.)
I apologize to all the fans of the shows that got dropped from my list instead of bumped down:
Cheese in the Trap- Great actors but then the plot took a nose dive in the last episode!
Girl Who Sees Smells- Acting was really great in parts, and then lagged in others.
Cinderella and Four Knights-  This was all just prettiness.  Plot was same ol’ same ol’.
In the end, they just couldn’t hold up to the others in plot and actors.  Some of them had great plots. Some of them had great actors.  But none of those three had both.
Pictures are courtesy of pinterest.  If they shouldn’t really be there, let me know and I will remove them.  But otherwise….enjoy the cute pics.

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