Today sucks. 

I am having such a hard time moving on with my life today. Kill Me, Heal Me has effectively ruined all other less awesome dramas for me. I always worry that will happen after finishing a really good one….but I just keep going and usually the next drama I watch ends up being even better.  So far this is not the case…I tried watching like six hours of Can You Hear My Heart? Because it has that same actress as from Kill Me, Heal Me. But it is a total “mackjang”??? not sure if that is the right word, but it’s one of those dramas with birth secrets and adopted children and blah blah blah.

They tried to trick me by putting in the summary that it has disabilities. And it does, but they play such a minor role in the drama so far that I am not really buying that it is going to take up more later. And you know what the worst part is? I can’t find any recaps of this horrible drama! How am I supposed to drop it if I can’t read about what happened? This is killing me.

I stayed up too late trying to wait for this drama to get good and it never did. And now I am just grumpy. Is it too soon to start rewatching KMHM?

Tell me what you think please. 


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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    When that happens to me I take a short break from Kdramas. I try to find a good taiwanese or japanese drama to watch. Thats how I stumbled across Back to 1989 which became one of my fave dramas. 😀

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  2. Oh yes, I agree with taking a break from Kdramas if needed! It was SUCH a great drama. I can understand why you had a hard time moving away from it! ❤

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    1. But I love the Korean parts of kdramas. I have tried a few other languages. But I never get more than a few minutes in. It just sounds wrong.


      1. Oh dude I thought I was the only one!! Have you seen I Can Hear Your Voice? Or the similar one, Pinocchio? They might be good “hangover” dramas.


      2. Sadly I have already seen both of those! I might end up watching the episodes of healer that I skipped.


      3. I loved Healer! I feel like not as many people did, but he made my heart skip haha

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      4. I loved healer too much. I skipped episodes because I was getting too emotionally attached. Lol.


      5. Hahahaha! omg that’s amazing. The feels are real

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      6. I have also been watching she was pretty again but without subtitles


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