Kill Me, Heal Me final review

If any of the four people who actually read this blog have not seen Kill Me, Heal Me and don’t like reading spoilers, then stop now.  Because I am about to spaz a whole lot about how much I love this drama.  And I am not going to tip toe about because I have given a warning and this is my blog…so I will say what I want to say.

Okay first of all….wow.  This Show.  New Number One Favorite Drama.  Like the best ever.  I love it soooooooo SO much.   It made me feel the feelings.  It made me laugh.  And if my tear ducts would just work like a normal humans, it would have made me cry.

Second….let’s talk about the second lead.  I am going to have to do a whole post about how I feel about second leads.  But this show really made the second lead syndrome a super real thing.  I mean first we had Shin Se Gi and all his hotness.  And then they made the brother someone we could all fall for too? What the heck?  Two second leads???  Who does that?  Not to mention, one of the second leads shared a body with the first lead.   Which just confuses the emotions so much.   So yeah,  I will be writing a short novel about second leads soon.  But I just had to mention these two here first.

Next, those kisses.  Officially each kiss was amazing.  The best one was the last one.  I think it might just make my list of best kisses.  I am still undecided….guess that means I need to watch it again….and again….and again. 🙂

Finally, I just want to say this drama was amazing.  To anyone who hasn’t seen it…watch it now.  It makes you feel the feelings.  It makes you shout at the screen.  It makes you laugh out loud.  So, in other words, don’t watch it in public…but watch it still.  And a shout out to Ahn Yo Na who was the best character ever.  I mean….she was hilarious.  I loved her.  My only wish is that we could have somehow seen her interact with her Suicidal twin brother because I think that would have been interesting.

Also, Ji Sung…  I haven’t seen him in anything but this… but I will definitely be trying out more of his dramas.   So I must say to my beloved Park Bo Gum….watch out.  Because you might have some actual competition here.










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