Kill Me, Heal Me

Okay, so I don’t normally review something before I have finished it.  But this is a case where I am going to make an exception.  Because I am halfway through and I am concerned that it will take a turn for the worse and when it is over I may not love it like I do right now.

So Kill Me, Heal Me is about a guy with DID or multiple personality disorder.  And there is a whole plot that is awesome and suspenseful.  There are side characters that are interesting.  There is a romance that is adorable-more on that later.  Then there is the actor Ji Sung who is just amazing at portraying six different personalities.  But the best part…is the bad boy.  The second lead.  The alternate personality, Shin Seg Ki. OMG.  I love him so freaking much.  I mean like I love this character the way that I love Park Bo Gum.  Which is to say, a lot.  It is almost enough to make me want to change my screen saver from Bo Gum to Seg Ki.  Which is crazy talk, I know.  But still.  I love this character so much.   He is the hurt one.  The one who cries.  He is possessive and crazy.   And I love him so much.  And I don’t think this is a spoiler because it is just speculation, but I don’t think he is going to make it in the end. Because he is the second lead and he is an alternate personality, not the main one. So yeah, that is why I am reviewing now when I am half way through instead of later when Seg Ki might be gone.
A note on the romance aspect.  As much as I love Seg Ki…his romance with Shin Hwa-Ran is almost childlike.  Which I assume has to do with their forgotten past.  But the main personality’s romance with her is like…wow.   He is a man.  An adult man.  With adult man kisses.
Their first…technically second…kiss is not going on my top five kisses…probably.  But wow.  That kiss.  I might have to watch it again.  And then the aftermath of that kiss.  Was SO. CUTE.   I can’t even.  First she wakes up the next morning hoping that he is too drunk to remember.  Then he tries working out to get rid of all the lust. LOL.  Then when he sees her, he is like yes I remember.  And she tries running away.  And he just keeps following her.  And then there is the inner conversation he has with Seg Ki.  Which like, breaks my heart.
Here’s the thing.  I don’t think he loves her…yet.  And that is why this kiss doesn’t go on my top five.  Top five is for kisses that are WOW with love, not just lust.  So yeah.   That is all I have to say…for now.
P.s: Apparently it is spelled Shin Se Gi. But I spelled it how it sounds to me and now I don’t want to change it…

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  1. You will not be sorry you finished this one! I really appreciated the more adult kisses myself 😉

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    1. I am going to wait to write my top five kisses until after this drama…just in case. 🙂


      1. Haha! That’s a wise idea, my friend. And now I’m looking forward to reading a post about your top 5!

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