Kill Me, Heal Me Part 2

What the heck is this drama doing to me?  I have only watched like two more episodes and my emotions are all over the place.  Now I am starting to fall for Cha Da Hyun as well.  Which is just confusing.  As the main girl can attest.  But he is so funny and cute!

And then Ah Yo Na shows up and I am laughing so hard that I am almost in tears.  (With my poor sister sleeping in the other room no less.)

But then Da Hyun comes back and asks her to see him as a man for TWO MONTHS?  Who does that?!  I mean, he is probably doing it “for her own good”.  But it is a cop out on his part.  If he wanted to do something for her own good, he should stop confusing her!  Either like her or don’t but don’t put a stupid time limit on it.

Also, I cheated to make sure that they weren’t siblings or anything… So I know they are not actually blood related. But this story line really tries to keep you guessing on that front.  I know better, and I still find myself getting worried.  And speaking of taboo relationships, how about her brother?  I heard they had great chemistry which was why they ended up in She Was Pretty together.  But wow.  He is so cute in this!  Much cuter than he was in Pretty.  But now I want to rewatch the end of Pretty so I can see him be happy with the girl he likes.



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