Park Bo Gum

Where to start? Park Bo Gum is my new Ideal Type.  I don’t know much about the actual actor, except that he is known to be a nice guy in real life.  But it’s his facial expressions that I love so much.  He looks a bit young, and in reality he is two years younger than me.  But he makes these expressions that just…wow.


See what I mean?  So here’s the thing…I first saw him in I Remember You, and I thought he was great.  He played the younger brother, who was also a serial killer.   And I still thought he was adorable and wanted him to find a way to be happy.  But it wasn’t like I was in love with him.  He was just the cute younger brother….right?

Well then I saw him in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, and I was like…hey this kid is pretty cute.  But right after the main couple got together I stopped watching because I didn’t want to see the end of their relationship.  I mean, I know they will end up together.  But first they are going to go through all this hardship, and those two cuties are gonna cry a lot.   So, I ended not really falling for him too hard because I didn’t let myself get too attached.  But I had nonetheless began to notice him as a Man and not just Kid Brother.

So then I started reading the recaps for Reply  1988.  Which, I know, not really the best drama to be reading recaps.  But here is my reasoning: I read the recaps for recaps for 97 or 94- can’t really remember which one.  And I wasn’t super impressed.  So I didn’t really expect much from 88.  In fact, I only started reading it because I didn’t have anything else to read and it had RYU JUN YEOL in it from Lucky Romance.  (Which is another drama I stopped halfway because I didn’t want to see the pain.)  Anyways, so here I was innocently reading these recaps and slowly falling in love with the character Taek(i), not even thinking of the actor.  I actually thought I had a case of second lead syndrome.  (Spoilers ahead>) So I got to episode 17 or 18 and then my work week ended and I decided I would watch the last two episodes.

And this happened:

And this is the closest thing on Pinterest that I could find that was similar to my reaction:

What the *bleep* just happened?  How did this kid actor who I had just barely thought was cute become so freaking hot?!  Like whaaaa?  And also, wasn’t he the second lead?  All signs had been pointing to him being the second lead!

Confession: I accidentally spoiled myself that she ends up with Taeki when I was sending myself the recaps to read at work. So I wasn’t TOTALLY shocked that she ended up with him.  I was more shocked that this adorable puppy like cutie pie could kiss like THAT.  WHOA.  In fact, later I will be making a post of the top 5 K Drama kisses and this one is NUMBER ONE.  It was amazing.

So in case anyone reading this is wondering what the heck I am even talking about, I will now present the scene for you.  Although, it should be said, if you haven’t seen this scene, you should stop reading and just watch it.  It is a great scene.  Also, if you don’t know what I am talking about right now, why would you even be reading this really loooooooooooong rant?  So I will now be honest with you, I am writing this recap of this amazing scene because I want to remember it forever and forever.

Okay, so you don’t really need to know the whole story of Reply 1988 to appreciate what is happening.  But here is the run down.  There is a love triangle between Taek, Jung Hwan, and Deok Sun.  Taek is a nerdy baduk player. Jung Hwan is your typical boy next door who thinks that you will know how much he likes you because he is just as mean to you as he is to everyone else.  And Deok Sun is the sweet girl next door.

Jung Hwan seemed like your typical leading male for a k drama.  I mean, look at Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, and You’re Beautiful.  Did the very sweet, kind -not to mention handsome- second lead get the girl? No.  The Jerk got the girl.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Jung Hwan was cute.  I mean I started watching/reading because of him.  And the character has a good heart.  He had some very swoon worthy moments.  In fact, I was going to be perfectly content when he got the girl.  But he just kept missing his moments.

Then there was Taek.  Or as I will always think of him, Taeki. He was this kind of clueless sweet character.  He was nice to Deok Sun in every scene he had with her.  So it didn’t seem like he could ever get the girl.  And then Taek and Jung Hwan both realized that each one of them had a crush on Deok Sun and BOTH boys decided to step down.

To which, side rant…couldn’t at least ONE of them asked Deok Sun who she liked?  But whatever.  She didn’t even know who she liked so it is a moot point.

Anyways, the story picks back up like four-ish years later and both boys have STILL not moved on or made a move.  Finally Taek kind of asks Jung Hwan if he would be okay with him making a move.  And Jung Hwan kind of says it doesn’t even matter to him.  *rolls eyes at these boys*

And….now we are caught up to this scene that blew my mind.

Deok Sun is in the same hotel as Taek.  She gets locked out of her room.  He invites her to stay in his room.  (Which technically wouldn’t be a big deal.  He is the boy next door.  But whew. The way he says for her to sleep in his room….yeah.)  Anyways, so they go up to his room.  He says he will sleep on the couch and she can have the bed.  To make her feel better about it, he says he will be taking sleeping pills, so he won’t even notice that he isn’t on the comfortable bed.

She then points out that he shouldn’t be taking so many sleeping pills because they aren’t good for you.  You can end up sleep walking or talking.

He laughs and says that she is right, so she better lock the door, or-

“What?” She says, “Are you going to kiss me again?”

*Insert moment of awkward silence. * And backtrack to the scene a few episodes where Taeki thought he dreamt that he had kissed her.

“That wasn’t a dream?” He asks. And when she nods, he says, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“We were friends.  It was going to be awkward.”

And Taeki has this tear that goes down the side of his face that she can’t see.  And if I hadn’t accidentally spoiled myself, I would have thought that this was where Taeki is permanently friend-zoned.  And if it had been Jung Hwan, that is exactly what would have happened.  But Taeki isn’t a famous baduk player because he is afraid to take risks.  And he asks, “What about now?”  And my jaw drops.  I can not believe he has the guts to ask this.

And Deok Sun starts with this reply, “It would still be awkward…” And my heart starts to prepare to break with Taek’s and then she says, “But-”

And that is all he lets her say before he pounces over to her side of the room and kisses her.  A kiss that would make your knees melt.  A kiss that if she was not sure before, you can bet she is sure now.  And I was just like…WHOA.  THAT is just wow.  Can I have some more, please?  Can I have one of my own?

So anyways, my point is, I am now in love with Park Bo Gum. He is younger than me.  He probably doesn’t speak much English.  He is an actor in Korea, so my chances of meeting him are slim.  And his last name starts with a P.  But none of that matters.  Because he is my BEA now.

So yeah.  That is my rant for the day.  I am sorry to anyone who read this whole thing (other than my future self.  To you, I say, “You are very welcome.”) But hey if you read this and didn’t want to kill me or yourself afterwards, please leave a reply.  I live to read people’s replies.




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