Okay, so this has absolutely no connection with anything I have written so far.  I am mostly writing this because I keep having this argument in my head and no one to hear it.

So I have recently started listening to Megan Trainor again.  Instead of K-pop.  So that I can sing along. And if you are thinking my taste in music is weird or outdated, you would not be wrong or alone in that thought.  Anyways, so her song “My future husband” keeps coming on my playlist.  And I will be singing along and suddenly find myself in a mental argument.
Girly me: I love this song! I want a husband just like this.
Realistic me: Yeah…no guy is gonna hear this song and think that he wants to be your future husband.
Girly me: But it’s true.
Realistic me: If you are warning him of it ahead of time, he will run. It is best if he finds out when it is too late.
Girly me: But I want to warn him so that he doesn’t run after we get married.
Realistic me: You won’t get a chance to get married if he hears this song.
Meanwhile a whole other part of me is thinking…shouldn’t you find a future boyfriend before you worry about this kind of thing.  So yeah.  That is my rant for the day.  And I am still planning on ranting about my overwhelming love for Park Bo Gum.  I just need to schedule time for it. Lots of time.  I bet he wouldn’t mind that song…but then I am not sure he actually understands enough English to worry about the lyrics. Mwahahaha.


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