Doctor Crush K drama

I have found it!  A drama that makes me happy every single scene. Well, if not happy all the time at least not actively hating any of the character.

The couple was cute.  They had an immediate attraction, but they took their time becoming a couple.  They never broke up over stupid reasons.  They never took the Noble Idiot route.  No one got amnesia.  There weren’t any evil relatives or exes conspiring to split them apart.  Even the second lead was adorable, but not an actual threat at any point.  I mean, was this even a K drama?!
Why yes, yes it was.  Because there was cute, there was drinking, and there was lots of Koreans speaking Korean. Plus, just because the relationship was a healthy one without plot devises messing them up, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t drama.
There was lots of drama.  Interesting drama that I was invested in.  And I loved that it didn’t make me want top throw my phone across the room.  (Ahem…Heirs)
I will admit, about 5 episodes from finishing, I started to worry that they were going to pull a Heartstrings on me and make the couple break up at the last minute for no reason.  But they didn’t!  They never broke up!  That just blows my mind- in the best of ways.
All of the side characters were awesome.  Hardly anyone was dropped unceremoniously.   (One girl was, but she got a story before she disappeared, so I am okay with it.)
This one is taking the number one place.  Officially, I am removing Cheese in the Trap from my list.  This one just makes it so clear that you can have drama without irritating your audience.
Speaking of my list…Unofficially, Healer and Reply 1988 and maybe Moonlight Drawn by Clouds are going to be on the top 5.  I can’t officially put them on my list because I technically didn’t fully finish them.  I watched some or most episodes….but I mostly cheated and read the recaps.  I loved every second of it though! And if I ever run out of new dramas to try out, I will  go back and watch those episodes I skipped.  As it is, I will be writing rants about Healer and Park Bo Gum in my next posts.
Also, after Doctor Crush, I was worried I would never find anything else that would make me happy…but I started 1% of Something.  Which sounded stupid, but is surprisingly cute.  I am on episode 10 out 16.  So I know that there is some ANGST headed my way.  But it is mostly just really cute.  And only 45 minute episodes! Cool beans. I will not read the recaps.  I will not read the recaps.  I will not….I really really want to though….NO be strong! Fighting!
And did I mention? The couple were not just cutesy and adorable the whole time.  They were cute and adorable a lot.  But they were also mature adults who were in a new relationship.  They had conflicts, arguments, ect. But they didn’t break up over them.  They were always honest with each other. Which I loved so much.  They flirted with each other, but they didn’t play hard to get. (Pre official coupledom) And when they were a couple, they didn’t flaunt it in front of people, but tried (ineffectively) to keep it under wraps.
That officially makes two out of my five favorite k dramas having Park Shin Hye.  She is pretty and awesome. She’s pretty awesome.  I actually have sort of liked all of the dramas I have seen her in at one point or another.  Even Heirs….for a bit.

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