Drama Land has broken my heart yet again.  I was so in love with this show.  I got to watch Park Shin Hye and Shin Woo Oppa fall in love.  And yes I know that isn’t his real name, but who cares about that?  He will always be Shin Woo Oppa to me.

It was a beautiful thing to watch the formally second lead get the girl he wanted.  And when they finally got together, I kept worrying that they would break up, but they didn’t.  They fought several times, but they never broke up.  And then that last episode happened.  WHAT THE WHAT?  I am so upset right now.  All of that…and they break up for a stupid reason and stay apart for the mandatory year and then get back together.  Like really?  WHY did they have to break up?  Why did my Shin have to hurt his hand?  What was the point of RUINING that PERFECT drama?

Now, I don’t even want to recommend this show to anyone.  I am that angry.  And I loved it so much right up until that point!  I didn’t even cheat and read dramabeans recaps first.  Except for the last episode.  After the whole wrist thing happened at the end of episode 14, I just KNEW things were going to go downhill fast.

I will come back to this later when I am more objective….no I must do it now.  If I wait til later, all I will think about is how the ending broke my heart.  Breathe….breathe….

Okay so Shin Woo Oppa and Park Shin Hye are so cute together.  My Shin pulls off the moody thing so well, but when he smiles….my knees melt.  And there was this other guy…Lee Hyun-Jin who was Fiiiiiiiione.  Like for real though.  He had these abs that just….blew me away.  But more importantly, he had a singing voice that made me want to cry.  It was so beautiful.  I am not in love with him, though I will watch other dramas with him in it.  But I mention him because it was so weird that Shin wasn’t the least bit jealous or threatened by him.   I mean, I was threatened by him.   Every time he was on scene, I was falling for him instead of my Shin Woo Oppa.  But Shin, all he was worried about was the Director.  Who was, I admit, not bad looking.  But he was older and in love with someone else.  So why worry over a teacher figure when there is a serious hottie around?   The only reason this sort of made sense is that the hottie never really showed any romantic interest in anybody, but still.   He was SO hot.

Anyways, my conclusion about this drama is this.  Park Shin Hye is amazing and against my better judgement, I might have to watch everything she has ever been in…including…Heirs.  Shin Woo Oppa is so cute.  If you liked You’re Beautiful but were secretly rooting for Shin Woo then you should for sure watch this, because they are exactly as cute a couple as we all knew they would be.  However.  Be warned.  The ending is atrocious.  They still end up together.  But there is an unnecessary case of the Noble Idiot and  Forced Separation for Your Own Good.   Would it be so bad to just be honest?  To go to separate countries without breaking up?  I mean, I am not a fan of long distance relationships, but this isn’t real life so why would you make it all upsetting like that?  Why couldn’t they have made it work like in Flower Boy Next Door and She Was Pretty?  Same outcome.  We all knew they would still end up together, so why make us all suffer?

Breathe….I will be okay….probably.  To be perfectly honest, I just don’t think I can even watch this episode.  I was really hoping to put this drama on my list of dramas that I watched all the way through…but this is just too painful.  I am going to fast forward through the breakup.   That still counts right?


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