Notes on Korean Dramas

Here are a few gems that I have learned since I started watching Korean dramas.

  1. is the best place to go for episode recaps.  They are the best.
  2. Oppa has so many meanings that it will make your head spin.  Oppa is what you call an older brother.  But also any slightly older guy who you feel offers you a sort of protection.  Which means it can also be your boyfriend.  So Oppa means brother or boyfriend.  It depends on the boy I guess?  Personally, I really like it as boyfriend…until I found out that it also means brother.  And now…I am just as confused as anyone.
  3. I forgot to mention….Oppa is only what a girl calls an older boy.  A boy calls an older boy Hyung.  If he sees him as a brother that is.
  4. Unni is what a girl calls an older girl who she sees in a sisterly way.
  5. Noona is what a boy calls an older girl who he sees in a sisterly way.  He should not call her this if he is interested in a romantic entanglement because this one doesn’t work the same way as Oppa.  That said, there is a whole genre of K dramas that are specifically made to be Noona Romances.
  6. Ahjussi is the word for an older man.  It is considered pretty respectful.
  7. Ahjumma is what you would call an older woman.  But from what I gather, it really isn’t a good idea to call anyone that.
  8. Second Lead Syndrome is where you fall in love with the second lead and you know you shouldn’t because obviously he isn’t going to get the girl.  But still you do, because he is so stinking perfect!  Alas, he is too perfect.  Because the one thing he wants most is for the girl to be happy…even if that means with another man.  Sigh.

And…that is all that comes immediately to mind.  These are things that I learned episode by episode.  I will keep adding to this list as I go, because maybe someday, someone will read this and be like, Oh, that’s what that meant.


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