Cheese in the Trap

The big number ONE.  For all of my ranting in the previous post about Girl Who Sees Smells…this one kind of retracts most of those statements.  Like you know how upset I got about how dramas do the three year time gap?  Yeah… spoiler…but that is exactly what Cheese in the Trap did.  Don’t get me wrong…I was royally ticked off.  Like I spent days trying to come up with a better ending.  And in the end, that is why it took the number one spot.   I know, I know, I am such a hypocrite.  But when a drama sticks in your brain and your heart like that, it just has to steal that number one spot.

It’s like the Phantom of the Opera versus Beauty and the Beast.  One has a terrible ending of sadness.  One has a happily ever after.  But which one stays in my heart forever?  The Phantom obviously.  Because I am a complete sucker for a sad ending.  So Drama Land.  I guess you have your reasons for your evil three year separation.  And that reason is dummies like me.

So before I go on and on about how Cheese in the Trap shattered my heart into a million pieces, here are the reasons why I fell in love with it:

  1. Two cute boys.  What, am I that predictable? LOL.  Oh well.
  2. Leading lady was a curly red head with spunk.
  3. Nobody was a tween or in high school.  Everyone was appropriately aged.   As a college aged person myself, it was nice to watch peer like people deal with a few somewhat realistic problems.

Okay so basically in the beginning of the show I hated it.  It reminded me of Roswell.  The main girl Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun) was always speculating about how suspicious  her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae-Jin) was acting.  I kept thinking, what is the big deal?  He is not that suspicious.  In fact, I only started watching this show because I had just finished Cinderella and Four Knights and I thought Nam Joo-Hyuk was Seon Woo from that drama and I so wanted to watch him get a happy ending.  And Nam Joo-Hyuk‘s character does in fact get a happy ending…but he is NOT Seon Woo…sadly.

Anyways, so I started watching it for that reason and I was basically not even interested in it.  I looked it up and read the summary, including the ending and decided that I would just watch a few episodes before giving up on it.   I didn’t even see it coming…the obsession with this show.

For instance, in the beginning she hates Jung, who I will now call Sunbae.  And then for unknown reasons he decides to befriend her and she decides that maybe he isn’t an evil person.  Which okay, don’t judge a book by it’s cover I guess.  But then, he asks her out- again out of nowhere- and she says why? But then she also says okay.  WHY did she say okay?  Honestly, it doesn’t answer that question until the very last episode.

So then they start dating, and I spent those first few dates thinking WHY are you with him?  You don’t even like him.  Yes, he isn’t evil, but is that really a reason to date a person?  Meanwhile the second lead was around being completely adorable!  I know Second Lead Syndrome is no joke, but seriously, I was so in love with In Ho.  He was a jerk sometimes, but unlike Sunbae, you could tell that he had a heart.

In an effort to understand where I started falling in love with Sunbae, I read each episode recap.  And it happened in episode 11.  (Okay in all honesty, I thought it was episode 6 and it turns out I was like way off.  Which makes me wonder why on earth I kept watching this show?  I can only think it was because I was so into In Ho. Moving on…) In episode 10, they break up and I was like FINALLY.  And for the first half of episode 11, she was debating whether or not they should actually break up.  Because technically, they didn’t break up, they just had a major fight.  Because she finally start to see that he was a manipulative person with no conscience.  But by the end of the episode, she comes to the decision that she does want to keep him in her life because he is the only person in her life who makes her feel like she matters.  And maybe he is a sociopath, but he is a sociopath who is learning to love her.  How romantic is it to be able to inspire that kind of change in a person?

So after episode 11, I started falling in love with Sunbae myself.  I mean he kind of reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera.  He had a kind of messed up childhood, and it kind of turned him into a monster.  He never really does anything EVIL for no reason.  He does sometimes destroy people, but he does it for a good reason.   That does not make it excusable.  And in real life, I wouldn’t be jumping into a relationship with someone who had such major issues with normal social interaction.   But in a book, a movie, or a drama, this kind of twisted hero is SO my type.

Even so, I kept having such a hard time imagining how I would deal with someone like him.   Then in episode 12 Soel wins me over by knowing just what to say to Sunbae to make him feel better.  She told him that they were different but that is okay.  That she won’t run away.  And I was just like….how did I not know that is the perfect thing to say?  Then in episode 14 she does it AGAIN.  Sunbae is on another revenge scheme that horribly backfires.  And I just kept thinking…if Soel finds out she is going to be so pissed at him.  And then, she finds out and she just HUGS him.  She tells him, “Don’t say anything,” she says. “I know what happened, and why it happened. And I also know how you must be feeling now. So don’t feel uneasy. I won’t run away.”

Right then.  I fell completely, madly in love this couple.  In Ho who?  Her friend who looked like Seon Woo….who cared about him?  I was all about Sunbae and Soel.  For one glorious episode everything was great.   I was on the right ship…everything was going perfectly.  I mean there was still drama.  Obviously…it isn’t called a drama for nothing.  But there were no hints how horrible it was going to go.

Now, I mentioned before that I looked up this show.  I read the end.  I knew how it was going to end.  I read the fans responses.  I should have been prepared.  I was not.  Somehow reading the words that Sunbae just ups and leaves for three years and then the series ends with an opened email, didn’t compute.   And then it happened.  I saw it happen with my own two eyes.   Not only did he leave, but he left after FINALLY understanding what he needed to change about himself.  And he decides to go off and do that by himself instead of having the assistance of someone who completely got him.

Oh the pain that was that horrific ending.  I have tried.  Again and again I tried, to come up with a better ending.  Or at least come up with the conversation that they would have once they finally meet up again after a three year separation.  And I just can’t come up with anything that really works.  Because as much as I loved Soel and Sunbae… I didn’t really understand how their brains worked most of the time.

So that is the sad story that is my obsessive love with Cheese in the Trap.  I want everyone to watch it so that they can feel my pain!  I want to understand why I love it so much.  Somebody explain it!!!




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