The Girl Who Sees Smells

This becomes more difficult as I write about the dramas that I liked best.  This one is number two and I loved every second of it.  For being so close to the top of my list, there is a surprising lack of hotness in the male leads.  The leading lady is adorable.  But the main guy has a great personality…yep.   Nonetheless, it is that great personality that made me fall in love with him.

The main guy is Choi Moo Gak played by Park Yoo-Chun, the leading lady is Oh Cho Rim/ Choi Eun Seol played by Shin Se Kyung.  And my favorite character…the best villain I have yet to meet in Drama Land…Chef Kwon Jae Hee played by Namgung Min.

Basically there is a girl who sees smells, a cop who can’t feel pain, and a villain who can’t recognize faces.   What is the likelihood that three people with these real life weird diseases would all be in one show? Yeah, it was strange, but it worked.   When I read the summary, I kept wondering how seeing smells would help you catch a murderer…but it turns out that it was very helpful.

Reasons I loved this drama so much:

  1. The villain.  He was not good looking…but he was HOT.  In a scary way.  Like a “please don’t kill me” way.  But wow.  I was just so impressed with his performance.  He was scary.  And he played the part of completely normal dude.  I didn’t even start to suspect him until it was practically confirmed.
  2. The sweet romance.  When Cho Rim starts liking Moo Gak and he doesn’t even know how to process that, it’s so cute.  My favorite part is when they get in a fight and he finally says, “What do you want me to call you? Honey, sweetheart, girlfriend, or wife?”  And she is just like WHAAAA? LOL.
  3. There was just good pacing.  There was a lot of drama that kept our couple apart at times, but it never felt forced or too annoying.
  4. Spoiler time…there was a HAPPY ENDING.  Like a legit happy ending.  There might have been a time gap type thing, but it was spent with them together rather than apart.  If you watch k dramas, then you know what I mean.  Usually the last couple of episodes separates our couple and keeps them apart for three years and then goes…three years later.  And puts them back together.  WHY you gotta do that Drama Land? WHY!?  This is why Girl Who Sees Smells will always remain in my top five, even if someday I watch something better.  Because I wan the drama world to know that I like happy endings sans the time gap of necessary apartness. It is unnecessary.

Now why did I watch this drama in the first place?  There aren’t any hot guys.  The premises is so random.  Three reasons.  One, I was looking for a drama to fill the gaping hole that Cheese in the Trap left behind.  Two, this drama- like Cheese in the Trap- is based on a webtoon.  So I figured…why not?   And the deciding factor?  You caught me.  It was a boy.  To be exact Seo-Woo (Lee Jung-Shin) from Cinderella and Four Knights.  As it turns out he had the tiniest of cameos in this drama.  But hey.  The things you do for cute guys right?

As to other familiar actors in this drama…there really weren’t any.  There was this one hilarious cop played by Jo Hee-Bong.  He was in I remember You and in Beautiful Mind.  So technically there is a carry over.  But he isn’t exactly a hot or amazing actor.  He is just funny and a good side kick for our leads.  And the dad! He was the dad in Pinocchio.



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