Pinocchio- Korean Drama

Okay, so I wasn’t going to watch this one because it sounded so stupid….but then I just couldn’t resist.  As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I often pick my next drama based on an actor I liked in the previous drama.  I had just finished Flower Boy Next Door and You’re Beautiful and I wanted to watch another drama with Park Shin Hye.  So it was either Pinocchio or Heirs.  And by all accounts Heirs was the worst.

So I started Pinocchio, and boy am I glad that I did!  Can you say adorable?  Basically the premises is that the main girl  In-Ha (Park Shin-Hye) has a (fictional) disease that causes her to hiccup anytime she tries to lie.  And the main boy, Ha-Myeong/Dal-Po (Lee Jong-Suk) has a super complicated relationship with her.

So Ha Myeong had his life destroyed by reporters when his dad died in a fire accident and then his mom committed suicide with him.  But he was saved by this old man that thought he was his oldest son who had died thirty or so years ago.  Not wanting to go back to the horrible past he had just escaped, Ha Myeong became Dal Po.  As it happens, the old man was In-Ha’s grandpa.  Which makes Dal Po, who is the same age as her, her dad’s “older brother” (aka Hyung) and her uncle.   Meanwhile, In Ha’s mom is the reporter that destroyed Dal Po/ Ha Myeong’s life.  See how this can get complicated?

Then In Ha decides she wants to be a reporter…like her mother.  Nobody, including her mother, thinks that she can do it because she is a Pinocchio and a reporter has to lie sometimes.  In Ha argues that a reporter should always tell the truth.  Dal Po is originally against her becoming a reporter, but when he sees how broken up she gets after her mom shoots her down, he decides to help her out.   He obviously likes her, but she just sees him as family at this point.

Anyways, all this drama happens, obviously.  And there is a love triangle that involves a chaebol.  There is murder and a crazy older brother.  There is an even crazier mommy dearest.  But the main reason I loved this show was because it was so hilarious and CUTE!  I will definitely be watching more with Lee Jong Suk.  He is in I Hear Your Voice and in W.


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  1. kjtamuser says:

    Cute review. This was the most emotionally diverse role Park Shin Hye has had. And she delivered good acting (and a decent kiss too).

    You made the right choice in picking to watch Pinocchio first.

    I’ll echo your drama picking process based on actors. Certain writers attract me to a drama too. But more often than not, it’s the actors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I follow a blogger called javabeans who is really into the writers and producers. I think I will probably head that way after I have been watching for a while.


      1. kjtamuser says:

        Javabeans is a superior blogger. That experience base allows good choices based on writers and producers.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Isn’t she amazing? Her blog makes it hard for me to decide what to watch next because she just has SO many options that are great. What a great problem to have, though, right?


      3. kjtamuser says:

        Her blog – are you referencing or her personal wordpress blog or something else?


      4. I didn’t see her on wordpress.


      5. kjtamuser says:

        She has an wordpress blog ( but that hasn’t been updated for several years.

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