Korean Dramas


In the past three months Korean Dramas, aka K dramas, have taken increasingly more time from the time I would normally use for reading books or watching non Korean TV.  I am going to spend a few blog posts to try and explain this strange addiction I have caught.

First, a list.  My top Five Favorite Dramas:

  1. Cheese in the Trap
  2. The Girl Who Sees Smells (AKA Sensory Couple)
  3. Pinocchio
  4. I Remember You
  5. Cinderella and Four Knights

Now, a break down of that list in reverse order that will definitely include spoilers.  If you want to watch these dramas without knowing why someone like me totally fell in love with them….don’t keep reading.  Because I love spoilers and I fully expect that no one really reads this anyways, so what’s a few spoilers going to hurt?


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