I Remember You (AKA Hello Monster)

This is the story of Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk), a criminal profiler with a shady past and his search for answers.  The leading lady is Cha Ji-An (Jang Na-Ra), a detective who may know more about his past than Hyun does.

Reasons why I loved this drama:

  1. Two cute boys.  What?  That is like the main reason people watch k dramas. So sue me.
  2. A totally kick butt leading lady.
  3. A slow building romance.  This drama can barely even be categorized as a romance, that’s how slow the romance was.
  4. The most adorable bromance that ever was.
  5. A scary, yet somewhat sympathetic psychopath serial killer.

Lee Hyun returns to Korea to solve a murder case that he received an email about.  He had a traumatic childhood which resulted in him loosing his memories.  So he is hoping that the person who sent him that email will have some answers for him.   What he wasn’t expecting was to cross swords with Cha Ji-An.  Because of his lost memories, and his generally bad memory anyways, he doesn’t remember her.  So he is very surprised when she seems to know a lot about him.

As it turns out, they are connected by the serial killer who killed both of their fathers.  But because of some suspicious behavior, Ji-An had been stalking Hyun for a while.  Eventually though, they decide to become partners and find the serial killer together.  The problem?  The serial killer also kidnapped Hyun’s baby brother Min.  And Min might have turned out to be a serial killer himself.  There was this whole theme of nature versus nurture.  It was intriguing.  The story constantly kept you thinking.   Did Min turn evil because of who raised him, or because he was like that in the first place?  Would things have been different if the serial killer hadn’t disrupted their lives so thoroughly?

The first half of the drama, you are in the same boat as Hyun.  You only know what he does, really, so you don’t really know who his brother and the serial killer are until it is revealed to him.  But you have suspicions and it is thrillingly scary.  Min is so creepy and adorable at the same time.  He does this thing where one minute he is smiling all sweet at you and then when you turn away his face turns cold as ice.  Terrifying.  I loved it.

But the best part is when Hyun finally confirms that the suspicious lawyer really is his little brother Min.  OMO.(Oh yeah, OMO is the Korean equivalent of OMG)  The cuteness.  Min hates his brother because he thinks that his brother abandoned him, passed him off to a serial killer, and never searched for him.  He had valid reasons for thinking this, but he didn’t know the whole story.  Hyun LOVES his little brother SO much!  He knows that Min turned into a serial killer.  But he still loves him and tries to take care of him.  Min tries to push Hyun away, but Hyun just keeps coming.  Hence was born the cutest bromance that ever was.  Because for once it was a bromance between actual brothers.  And for once, the thing keeping them apart wasn’t that they were both in love with the same girl, but misunderstandings and murder.


Post Script: Jang Na Ra, who plays Cha Ji An is an actress I have seen before in fated to love you.  I didn’t really like her in that drama because she was such a push over.  So it was so nice to watch her in a drama where she actually stands up for herself.  The actor who was the serial killer was in Twenty Again and actually did an okay job as a irritating ex-husband, which is impressive to me because I thought I would always see him as a serial killer.  The main guy was cute, but I didn’t see anything that he has previously been in that I would be interested in.  The brother though….too cute.  He is in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, which I haven’t seen yet, but I hear is super cute.


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