The write way of life, continued…

So first of all I promised a list of fictional boyfriends.  This is primarily from books, but I may have been mildly influenced by corresponding movies.

  1. Ian O’shea- From the Host, this hottie has jet black hair and sea blue eyes, but it isn’t just his looks that gives him the number one spot but his kind and understanding heart. (I don’t exactly agree with the casting for this character, so I sadly have no picture to include with my number one man.)
  2. Erik (AKA The Phantom of the Opera) – On the opposite of the spectrum we have a- not known to be handsome-miscreant who needs so desperately to be loved.
    But it isn’t all neediness, he contributes a bit of genius and the voice of an Angel of Music.
  3. Gilbert Blythe- Sweet, charming, and cute? Yes, please.  This sweetheart of mine is from Anne of Green Gables.
    And I confess that I love the movie Gilbert just slightly more than the book Gilbert.
  4. Tobias Eaton (AKA Four)- He is a heartthrob from the movie/book series Divergent. No, he isn’t just here because he is called Four…but that is a heavily weighted factor.  He was so tall, dark, and mysterious, with a hint of “I need someone to take care of me” vibes, then he was SO gorgeous in the movie.
    How could he not make it on this list?
  5. Mr. Darcy- Anyone who has read or watched Pride and Prejudice has this fellow on their list, I think.  What makes him so appealing, you may wonder….Is it his disdain for humanity or his rudeness towards anyone who attempts befriending him?  It is both, my friend, both.
    (Plus his first name is Fritzwilliam.  I mean, does it get sexier than that?)
  6. Gabriel Blackwell- This hidden gem is from the series called the Sense Thieves.  He is hot, British, and patient.  All something to look for in a fictional BF.
  7. Wolf (AKA Alpha Kesly)- He is a character in the Lunar Chronicles, mostly featured in the second book, Scarlet. He has a rough exterior but is just a big teddy bear.
  8. Mr. Thornton- From the book North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  Confession time: I didn’t actually READ this book, per se…but I read the good parts and the movie was a four part mini series, so I doubt I missed anything.  Mr. Thornton is like Mr. Darcy, but simultaneously nicer and meaner. (Nicer to the girl, meaner to the general public. )
  9. Edward Rochester- From the book Jane Eyre; he is dark and broody and by the end of the book he is also disfigured and needy.
    What’s not to love?
  10. Edmund Dantes (AKA the Count of Monte Cristo)- This man may be revenge driven, but he has a heart of gold and is loyal to a fault.


So, why am I writing this blog? Surely it is not just because I wanted to share my list of fictional boyfriends with the world… Alas, that is not my primary goal with this blog.  Nearly a decade ago, I started writing a story called The Shadow of the Opera Ghost.  Ring any bells? Ah yes, that is the title of my blog.  So you guessed it, that is what my blog is about.  I have had writers block on this story for almost five years and just a few months ago, I found my way to the end.   This blog is about my journey writing this story.

In my next post, I will share a link on how you can read the story if you choose and a short summary of what it is about, in case you haven’t already guessed. My pinterest board




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  1. ARG says:

    You are so witty! I shall take your favorites books list as a fine suggestion. Always looking for some entertainment in Belize!


    1. Thanks for reading! How are things in your neck of the woods?


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